Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Hong Kong Special Administration Region! Have A Nice Day

Mr. Yoshihiko happened to meet A Hong Konger Paul in the rest room before get on the car to avoid peegret.

Paul peeped at Yoshihiko’s penis, found that was tattooed “WY”on it.

He grinned and stared at Paul and hold up his little sex weapon and tried to enlarge it... after a few minutes it showed the full word “ Wendy”, he said, that is name of his Girl Friend!

“Thumb’s up!” Paul showed some respects to Yoshihiko San!

Well, With some dirty eyes looking at Paul’s…noticed that Paul had also a Tattoo “ WY” on his thing…of similar length at rest condition.

Just a minute Paul worked on it… It displayed “ Welcome to the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, Have A nice Day!”

HK Snob

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