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What if you can not get a job after 200 rounds of unterviews!?

A HKCU master degree holder had not been able to find a job after 200 interviews, and seems that he had been complaining the society not providing him a right job. Well, if you had not been able to be offered a job after 200 trials, probably you may have to review about yourself what had been missing.

On the Other side of the Earth, Stevens, working in a Software Company for 8 years. Contributing his work quietly in the company. His company closed suddenly whilst his third son came to this world. He needed a job badly. One month later, he went to a software firm for an interview after he saw the ad on papers. The Company informed him for an exam, from his solid experience he passed straight the written test and was informed to attend an interview two days after.

He was confident about his capability in Software development, about through his experience. However when he was asked about the software industry‘s future whilst he has never thought of.. And naturally his interview was failed.

Stevens thought that he was refreshed about the future of the software development and future, though he was not able to be enrolled, he felt that he learnt a lot trough the interview, He picked up a paper and wrote” You Company provided me such a written test, and opportunity of an interview, Though I was not been selected, It makes me aware that there are a lot of things I could learn. I could learn and I learnt a lot, Thanks for your contribution to explore my knowledge. Thanks”

This Letter does carry a message, though the interview was a failure, interviewees dies not feel depressed at all, and sent our a Thank You letter. This letter was circulated in the company and passed to the desk of the Managing Director. The Managing Director read it and put it into his drawer, Three months later whilst the New Year is coming. Stevens received a greeting card here it written, “Respectful Mr. Stevens, if you wish, you are requested to share the new year’s Happiness!”

That greeting card was sent from the Software Firm he had an interview lately.

Well, the company had an opening and thought of the decent man with eagerness to learn Mr. Stevens, would invite him to join the company as a team mate.

This is the Microsoft, after many years, Stevens demonstrates his ability and his talent; he is the Vice president of Microsoft.
… I have been offering a training course to Ivy. From the training; I found the result had no idea on how to tackle an interview at all. And I had been going through at least 200 interviews helping the company to look for “Good Man”… I leant that there are a lot of things these young people should learn.
You may not believe, do you think that an University student is not able to answer this question when he was asked?
Question A. To name three brand names of Japanese car.

Question B. To write ten types of vegetables, ten types of fish and ten kinds of Fruit.

Question C. To tell me the Capital City of China, USA and Malaysia.

Surprising there is at least 50% of the graduates unable to tell ne more than one type if car as Question A. A Top University in HK even unable to tell any brand name of any of the Japanese car. There is less than 20% of the people could write more than 5 each type of the Fish, Vegetable and Fruit.
Some of the told me Shanghai is the capital City of China, New York is for USA respectively.
Man, nowadays a sheet of Gradate Certificate is not enough to guarantee you a job at all. All we need is street smarts. We have to know what happens about the World. What we could think of…!

Notes for an interview

1. Understand what the Company is doing before the interview
2. Understand the background, history, vision of the Company
3. Take a pre-study the company before the interview; make sure you should be 10 minutes before the interview.
4. Note the Dress code… White shirt, blue suit would not be a mistake, Causal wear for a job of engineer. Tuxedo is not needed
Avoid tennis shoes, ear rings, Tee-shirt for a job of Sales Engineers, say.
5. Shake hand with firmness.
6. Wipe you hands thorough before meeting the manager after you had been the rest room.
7. Listen to the question carefully before you answer
8. Stand up when the manager enters the room before you shake hand with him.
9. Knock the door, wait for a permission before you enter the room
10. Make sure you shoe is clean
11. A proper tie would be nice, jean should be avoided for a post of Engineer, Sales Engineer
12. Properly Shave you face, cut your nostril hair. Trim your hair.
13. Avoid to put strong Cologne, it would not help in the score.
14. Speak naturally and slowly, clearly. Maintain some eye contacts occasionally.
15. Good Luck!

HK Snob

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