Friday, February 11, 2011

The Famous Well-Wishing Tree in Lam Tsuen Tai Po of Hong Kong

The original Well-wishing Tree

The well known wishing tree in Tai Po Lam Tsuen looks after people from all walks of life ensuing good health, good harvest, wealth, peacefulness in society. Being one of the famous attractions in Hong Kong, in Movies and stories. A lot of visitors in Saint Valentine’s day whereby beloved people would become here for all kind of wishes for oneself and his beloved. The original Wishing Tree was camphor situated near by the Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple. The Tree Trunk grew hollow because of its age and sick; a bauhinia took over his place becoming the Wishing Tree in the 90’s. The tree was damaged by the burning incense. A banyan tree was planted in the same spot. Whist the new tree was established, People made their wished to the Banyan tree at Lam Kam Road instead. This Banyan tree became more famous that the previous one. In Chinese New year of 2005, a branch fell and we was alert that the tree was sick, after this incident people’s wish was hung on the racks to preserve the tree. Lam Tsuen Wishing Square was established in 2008, This 100 Old banyan tree was donated by Chan Chung, and it was transplanted from Zeng Cheng of Guangdong. I have made wishes for those who I mother, my daughters and all my wives... including the one who I love and who I know...Wish them all had a terrific year of Rabbit. You all know whom I am talking about. HK Snob

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