Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Dinner Gathering at House of Jasmine 18 Feb 2011

There is always a reason to create occassion for Gathering, since last time we had a fair well for one of our Brothers who is assigned to work in the German Hi tech business unit. This is another time that we had another celebration as for two reasons. One of us was promoted to Manager grade M2… and he will have manager room some corner in the company. Second, my HK Snob blog reached over 230,000 page views. With the original purpose of writing the blog was a practice to write more English as someone was criticizing my English was damn poor. Well, I am a Chinese studying in HK, how I can write well of better English? I liked writing since I was in secondary School. Though I had won a lot of prices in the school. Anyway, writing and mailing is different story. What the other saw was that I had some typo, spelling mistakes in the e-mail… That was the reason why I started writing blogs... and I did find that after two years My English has no improvement at all as I am still a Chinese.. What I am writing is Still ChinEnglish… But I see that I could have an improvement between the data Transfer from my brain on to the keyboard… at least 10X faster than I was before….

Someone told me that mark Twain had also making a lot of spelling mistake... like the word “High” and “Height”, sometime she mixed up. But he is a great Writer... His Typo would be meaningful! If I made mistake like that, someone will say… that is crap!

We had a wonderful night as we had a lot of old chaps who know each other more than 10 years... We had a lot of Bull shit, cheap stuff talking, and there 20% involving women, 10% involving the operation of the company, 25% about watches, 10% was related to the two girls beside the table. and other are purely Bullshit… It does not matter, as it is great evening… only I had to leave earlier to join the steam boat with my 2nd Daughter…

We had finally opened the great Bottle which I did have some suspect that would have gone over the top already… It was. And I think we should open it 6 year ago… Anyway this is an expensive bottle of Vinegar after I opened it…So Jim… I am sorry…We should open it 5-6 years ago… The 1990 Caymus can not last for 21 years.

The other three bottles were much better…. And I had had my favorite Crab steamed with Fa Tiu Wine and egg yolk… Served with plain Rice… the Gravy was one of the best@!

HK Snob

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