Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Do HK People Do in Train!?

This was the picture I took at 0700 on the MTR, you can see that People of Hong Kong are so TIRED and 90% of them are actually falling into sleep.
Partly you may think that they had spent whole night at Time Square count-down at mid night. Every time I went to Hiking on Saturday or Sunday morning, we can expect to se the same scene.
The question to me is that why they are so tired!?
I guess that the have no time to sleep, and 70% of HK people sleep before 1130.

I think less than 15% of the people sleep before 1100. And mostly they are silver hair seniors. I think more than 10% sleep after 0100.
 Their favourite things to do in the train:

1. Rush and Jam into unoccupied seat

2. Sleeping

3. SMS, video game on their Iphone4

3. Chatting with friends loudly

4. Talking on phone in high decibels

5. Listening to their Ipod or MP3

6. Make up

7. Cutting their nails

8. Picking nose

9. Reading Magazines

10. Showing off the jewelery and expensive watch

11. Testing their new Hand phone ring tone

12. Pole Dance

13. Doing nothing

Click the link to see recent Pole Dance on China MTR Train.

Oddest thing I saw on train
A mother of a 2 year old child put a newspaper on the seat and ready to let her kid to shit. Yet we should appreciate her as she did care about public hygienic care using newspaper, at least. The entire neighboring passenger was hysterically shocked and ran away.

Old lady break the whole bag morning sprout with her finger and save the good one on a plastic bag and put the waste on another, she occupied three seats with each of the plastic bad on her left and right. She did this for about 20 minutes.

A 28 years old lay using the whole travelling course from Tsuen Wan to Tsim Sha Tsui for making up her face, trimming her eye brows by means of tweezers, applying lip stick with one hand and holding the mirror in another. She seems did not SEE anybody on the crowded apartment…

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