Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three Times Making Love a night for a 94 Old Man

1. F***ing once a week is good for health, but is harmful if done everyday. *

2. F***ing gives proper relaxation to Mind & Body.

3. F***ing refreshes you.

4. After F***ing, don't take heavy food, opt for liquids.

5. F***ing can even reduce your cholesterol level.

6. F***ing reduces weight for sure...

This is "fasting", but this 94 oldest dad Ramjeet Raghav keeps three times making love a night with her 50 years old wife. His Wife said that she does not think her husband seems old, saying: 'He can make love like any 25-year-old man - and he can go on all night."
Mr. Raghav has taken the world record for world's oldest dad from Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, whose wife gave birth to his 21st child when he was 90 in 2007.

*During the WWII in Nazi Central refugee Camp, human fertilization test was made with forced Masturbation at three hours one time for three years, and the mans was released after the war. And he had a son afterwards. So 8 times masturbations a day for three years do not degrade performance of human manhood at all. If you are not able to perform two times in Three hours, you had probably go see your family doctor.
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