Sunday, January 9, 2011

This was once Hong Kong's busiest Toilet

When the Cross harbour tunnel was not built, that was before 1972, This Toilet at the Left side of Tsim Sha Tsui Start ferry was Classified the Busiest Toilet as we have approximately over 16,000 visits a day. Assuming that there are 20 persons in one ferry will visit the toilet, there are approximately 12 ferries a hours. One Ferry each 5 minutes, times 22 hours a day, plus another one 4,000 people from the bus. and 3,000 people from the train station. Plus other 4000 pesdestrains Total 16,280 Visit at the toilet, Now, there is approximately 8 persons per minutes, so totally about x60x22=10,560....

Here is the Toilet.

HK Snob

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