Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Favourite Music Makes you feeling Like Making Love

Canadian Research told us the fact that under certain body temperature, Breathing, pulse, brain scanning on a person who is listening no his beloved music, there will be more release of dopamine from the brain, Dopamine can make ones be happy. The effect of that kind of happiness resembles the feeling of good food appreciation, earning Money and the joy of Making Love.

From now on, start up you Hi Fi system for the best type of music you like whenever you are typing report, writing blog, reading book, making love and even sleeping.

Remember to turn off the TV. TV kills the mood, the colour of the room should go Green which helps to delay the time for your Love Makeing, whereas Pink Shortens it...
Usually Love making take one hour and these is my favourite music during Making Love in a sequential Orders:

1. Live for Life
2. Emmanuelle

3. Summer of 42

4. The fruit is ripe

5. Penelope

6. A Man and a woman

7. Romance of the North Sea北海罗曼史

8. Tombe La Neige

9. Charade

10. La Mer

11. The Ending song of Love

HK Snob

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