Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Most Expensive shop in Hong Kong

Percival Street is the major street in Causeway Bay, connecting to Gloucester Road in North and Leighton Road in the South. The concourse of the major street at Causeway Bay.
The Alexandra Percival was once the Taipan of Jardine, on of the oldest trading firm in Hong Kong. No.76 shop of 600 square feet hit the record of 380 Millions Dollars, that is an equivalent of HKD$633,333 a square foot. Currently being rent by Rado at HKD$640,000 a month, that is HKD$21,300 a day.
We expected that the new rent will be HKD$1,200,000 a month. 2nd Highest rent is Canton Road 6-8 shop which was has an useful area of 1212 Square feet, that was an equivalent of HKD$700,000.00 a square foot.
So, you can imagine what kind of goods they will be selling there, definitely that is some kind of luxury items.
As expensive as the goods, so as the rent…. So only the landlord is holding up our economy… as what one Wanton Noodle shop keeper said the first 1,000 bowls are only made for the Rent… for that day. What can we do!?

HK Snob

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