Monday, January 31, 2011

Her Money His Money Purfumes is best for HK people during Chinese New Year

During the Chinese new year, the most common greeting is “Kung Hei Fat Choi”, wish you had a big fortune!

Patrick McCarthy has just launched a fragrance called Her Money and His Money (approx HKD$260.00 each) which both open with the crisp aroma of dollar bills. Like real dollar bills. According to a Japanese study, workers become more efficient around the SMELL of money, so the idea is, you spritz a bit of this, work harder and hopefully you'll earn yourself some extra cash. The fragrance boxes feature REAL shredded money. In Chinese Saying Money is Stink, or sometimes we call bank note as Stinky Money... So this may be an irony act to use it as fragrance for the Money minded People of Hong Kong….During Chinese New year, you should spray fumes of Her Money or His Money on your neck  before you go out for visiting friends and Relatives.

HK Snob

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