Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Ugly Truth about woman

From Ugly Truth a romantic drama movie that I found that there is some similarity of Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler). Though this is muscular, tall and handsome whilst I am stocky, fat and rather unpleasant appearance had certain similarity in the way to prove our theories on relationship to find true love.

In my humble opinion, a Prada woman should note these 5 points:

1. She Should laugh at the time, does not exclude fake laughter that is catalyst to work with different types of people.
2. Do not criticize man in fact man should not also criticize woman.
3. She should always dress up properly, emphases her beautiful portion and camouflage those unpleasant areas of your body.
4. Point Tail is not advised as this is the look of house wife or old virgin. Not so many faces are  looking great with short hair.
5. Do not talk about your problem to him.

HK Snob

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