Monday, December 6, 2010

Prada Woman should behave…

1. Respond with smile to the appreciation of the man eyes looking at your dress and probably your long legs.

2. Be a liberated woman, do not cover your mini shirt with our hands when you walk up the staircase. If you do not want other to see it, please wear a jean!

3. Make up lightly to show to other your courtesy wash your hand every day, as people says, there is not ugly woman, but lazy woman.

4. Do not speak loud in office, or over the hand phone any where.

5. Do not show you teeth when you are eating…

6. Do not make noise when you are drinking soup!

7. Do treat you boy friend or husband as weird if he requests for a special kiss.

8. Do not question your boy friend or husband about his ex-wife, history of his girl friends. If you love him, forget what he did in the past.

9. Sometimes a Prada woman does not speak with mouth, but with her eyes.

10. Care about your husband. Bring home-cooked-meal to his office every morning, massage him when he is tired for two hours continuously.

How many woman in Hong Kong can fulfill the about ten items?!

HK Snob

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