Friday, December 24, 2010

Jewish Business Wisdom

There was a NASA recruit for Astronauts running into air space; there is lot of matured engineer and scientist to apply for the posts. There were these finalists, one German, One French and One Jew. The Chief Human Resource asked the German how much he would expect to get each month. The German said, “I need three thousand dollars, one thousand for myself, one thousand for insurance and one thousand for my wife!”

Then the French came as was asked the same question, The French engineer asked for four thousand dollars and was trying to explain why, He said, “I need four thousand dollars, one thousand for me, one thousand for insurance, and one thousand for my wife and another thousand for my mistress!”

Then the Jew came in and sit down gracefully with full confidence for the last round of the is interview. He was then asked the same question. The Jew said that he like to have five thousand dollars, then the man in charge asked why so much!? The Jew said, “I need to pay you one thousand as you will hire me. I need one thousand for myself and the rest three Thousand is for Hiring the German to do the job for us!

HK Snob

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