Monday, December 27, 2010

Hong Kong needs more Big spenders from China.

We believe that the consumer goods market is hot in the Christmas, as according to immigration estimation that there will be 10 Millions people transiting in Hong Kong during the Christmas Holiday. There will be more than 70% are Mainland Chinese to spend their money in Shopping. They like to buy whatever they think Hong Kong is best for, like watches, clothes and jewelry. I heard that Chow Tai Fook has opened the 1,000 shops recently including those in China. The Data was 400 only two year ago. That must be driven by such big market. Well, the restaurant was not as crowded as I thoughts, may be Where I was going was Japanese Restaurants, the Western food buffet and Chinese food is still the major favorite food in Christmas, According to the restaurant unions said there will be approx. 300 Millions dollars expenditure every day for the Hong Kong restaurants. So eating and Shopping seems the best programme for the Chinese Visitor, but all we need is this kind of Super Spender, This China man came to Hong Kong to empty his pocket with HKD$700,000 in three days. That is not too much if he buys a Tourbillion Watch but if he spends for hand bag clothes, and other electronics goods, I think that he might take 20-30 kilo of goods back to China. Hong Kong needs more big spenders like this man… HK Snob

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