Sunday, November 14, 2010

WHY, The Elegant Floating Holiday Resort for Snobs

If you think the real estate price in Hong Kong is still High, and do want to see 360 degrees if sea-view. I think at least there are 1,000 people in Hong Kong can afford to run a personal pleasure Craft like this.
Why worry bout the traffic jam, why worry about the nuisance of the noises in the Tai Pai Donng, that does not offer a good milk tea for you,, just take them with you to travel along the Malacca Strait, passing through the Forest of Indonesian and Western Malaysia, cruising into the beautiful beaches if Thailand. To Switch on full speed to travel to the Saint Vincent’s Island if you want… With your Goddess… while you still can remote control your Yield of your Product at the Shenzhen Factory. And The Investment Status in Hong Kong and Tokyo…

This is the life of the Celebrity…

WHY is a joint-venture created in June 2008 between Paris-based luxury goods designer Hermès and similarly-positioned Monte Carlo-based yacht constructor Wally Yachts. The Magayacht.
This WHY 58x38 – it’s a multi-story 58 metre-long, 38 metre-wide floating personal holiday resort with almost an acre of floor space, an ultra-stable Norwegian Ramform hull, and an energy efficiency so high is a Special ship that provide you a floating private Place on the sea, it could speed up to 14 knots. Though I is not fast but that is good enough to travel from HK to San Francisco in two weeks time….

Design and Development by WHY Team

Model WHY 58x38

Length 58M

Beam 38M

Displacement 2,400 tons

Guest 12 ( including HK Snob)

Crew 20

Living space 3,400 Square metre


12 Knots cruising speed

14 knots max speed

Constant Cruising speed up to Sea force 4

Long Range Autonomy 4 Atlantic crossings

Promenade on deck 130m long x 3 m wide

Swimming pool 25 m long, thermos regulated Water

Green Energy

900 square metres Thermo photovaltaic panels

2,000 KW stored energy

Renewable energy recovered 1,500 Kw/day

Annual Equivalent fuel Saving 160,000 Litres

Design and Development by WHY Team

HK Snob... The Dreamer for the Virgin Trip from Hong Kong to Rio Grande!

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