Saturday, October 9, 2010

The People of Hong Kong are the most arrogant in the World!?

Ramon Tulfo article On Target in The Inquirer of Philippines on 20 September described "The People of Hong Kong are the most arrogant in the World!"

He mentioned that the stewards are impolite, Ramon visited Hong Kong some years ago on Kowloon asked the Policeman the way how to get to his designated restaurant.The policemen yelled to him and asked him to “Go away”. He added, Hong Kong people does not treat tourist politely, he had never received any welcome smile, he had another bad experience that he went to an optical shop. And the shop keepers asked him do not ask the price if he had no intension to buy.

Being a Hong Kong people, I feel that to certain extent, What Ramon describe does exist in Hong Kong.. and Those Waiters, Salesman, are generally not too polite.. especially those can not manage English well, does not mean that they are not intend to act politely, but they can not express in such a way to let you feel he is Polite.

Yes, I have seen some of the shop keeper said Word like “FXXX” to the customers. But this is the minority. And usually that Limited to those Shop in Tsim Sha Tsui which sells Electronics goods, you can notify that these shops are usually have this common points:

1. Good Location along Nathan Road.

2. A lot of Flashing neon Light, LED signboard with those Famous Brands at the entrance: Sony Samsung, LG, Nokia, Apple...etc

3. No Uniforms for the staff

4. There are abnormally Many salesman in a shop, over 6 in a comparable small shop.

5. They don't look like “ friendy”

6. They do not have the HKTA Recommended Shop sign display at the entrance.

Well you should know what the shop looks like and I do advise you not to go in..

You should consider shops Like Broadway, Fortress, Chung Yuen, etc...

HK Snob

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