Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Largest Buddha in Thailand

The World largest stone carved Buddha is in Le Shan China, The world Largest Seated Buddha is in Po Lin Temple, Hong Kong. And I think the most Magnificent Buddha and largest Buddha is in Thailand; the seated Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin statue located at Wat Muang in Ang Thong Province, some two hours north of Bangkok and it about one hour north of Ayutthaya. Ang Thong is one of the "Central Provinces" of Thailand. Ang Thong means "golden basin" in Thai which is a reference to geographical layout of the region and the golden colour of the rice grown across this fertile land field.

You can take Asian highway from Bangkok to the Wat Muang which houses the biggest Buddha in Thailand. Wish all the people in Thailand and the visitor a peaceful heart. Probably this is the most magnificent Buddha in the world!

HK Snob

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