Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Best Cantonese Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

For many years, this is one of the best four Chinese Cuisine Restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui area, Dynasty, Prince restaurant house of Jasimine, and Celestial Court Chinese restaurant…
These are my place for dinner with friend, and some event or celebration.
Regarding of price, Dynasty seems to be the best, Second was Prince and third is House of Jasimine.
Due to the close down of Dynasty on 1 Mar 2010, there would be leaving only Prince and House of Jasmine, as for Celestial Court, I would say it is ranked the third now.
Well, recently, I found that Prince restaurant has re-adjusted their prices book. To be lower honestly. This was confirmed by their manager David and Ken…May be this is the way they can expand their customer base for more local people.
On the Mid Autumn Festival 23 Sept, We took a dinner with family and some of my best friends,  under my pocket!
The food was not as good as it was two years ago... However, I met my best Respected Man of Hong Kong, “Run Run Shaw” and his beloved one there on the next table, they just walked in without reservation, who would hesitate to offer the table for them?
He was on wheel chair and being a man of 102 year old, I think he is healthy, he just donated 100 Million dollar to City University two days ago…Who can beat him as for a decent amount of Donation. He is definitely not the richest man in Hong Kong, But he is the top one supporter for Charity…
As for the food, well, it is good still, but not as surprising "Superb" as it was before…They serve good shark fin, but I did not take it anymore in order to show my mercy to the sharks…
As for Abalone.. I am not good at eating it firstlt as I am poor , secondly, I am poor..
Third, I think I could find at least ten dishes more delicious that that… really!?
The most important things that I could talk to two of my best friends from Overseas… Just met them coincidently.
Being the Mid Autumn festival, I wish all the people in Hong Kong could have all the best in this second largest festival… I miss all my families’ members and beloved ones who could not come to take this dinner with me as I am sure I will do compensation for that…
I wish that the Fishing boat captain would be released unconditionally ASAP… To avoid further damages of the relationship between The China and once our own Four Islands!

HK Snob

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